Friday, September 4, 2015

South Suburban Park Field

"South Suburban Park Field'  5" x 7"  Oil on Gessobord

Sept. 4 2015

Day 4, 30 Paintings, 30 Days  #92

South Suburban Field Park is just a mile from me.  Acres of fields and manicured lawn, playgrounds, lake,ball fields, tennis courts… you get the idea.  Right at the base of the foothills, views are spectacular.

This is where I was taking Violet to train on a long lead to eventually being off lead.  Looks like we’ll picking it back up after the leaves start falling and just a bit chillier.  Though, we do have the most beautiful Indian summers !

Colors are just a bit off in this photo of the painting.  The forward green is a little warmer, a little less green in the blue sky and a little more intense violets in the clouds.

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