Sunday, September 20, 2015

8 am Light on the Birches

"8am Light on the Birches"  Oil on Gessobord

I love the early morning light streaking through the houses and trees. The rays of light making the grass look almost neon, highlighting the whole length of the birch trees, creating long shadows that stretch across the walk and the road. 

I'm having a heck of a time getting good pics when there are oranges or reds in the painting. Both colors come out much more saturated in the photo of the painting. So, the orange bush in the painting is actually closer to a rusty orange.

I've got to figure something out as I've got a couple of Southwest landscapes I wanted to enter into a show but can't come up with a good photo, aargh. 

8 am is starting to feel pretty chilly. It won’t be long before the birch will start showing us their fall colors. The greens of their leaves have already softened quite a bit. A couple more weeks and those leaves will be skittering across the road driving Violet to a frenzy. She loves chasing leaves.

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