Wednesday, September 9, 2015

South Aspen Grove

"South Aspen Grove"    5" x 7"    Oil on Gessobord
30 Paintings, 30 Days    #57

This area, Aspen Grove, is part of a trail in south Littleton next to the South Platte River.It was early morning and the light was filtering in through the trees. The farm to the east was pushed back with the heavy atmosphere that day.

I blocked in the dark values quickly before starting with color.  It did help a lot to keep my values in line.  Particularly those greys in the back.

 I took Violet back to get close to the river to give her a chance to play. She's a little tentative when it comes to water that is more than a few inches deep. I was able to lure her out further with a branch she wanted. However, the look on her face when her feet were not on solid ground was pretty funny.  I think we'll get there eventually.After all, she is a Labrador, right?

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