Saturday, March 14, 2015

Up Bobolink Trail

Up Bobolink Trail  6" x 8"  Oil on oil primed linen panel

I was inspired to paint this when a good FB photographer friend, Jack Sasson, posted a photo of this trail. I was drawn to the vast foreground with the rust and oranges within a frigid scene.  The pinkish orange behind the barn.The heavy atmosphere in the distance.

I used a palette knife to achieve the flat crusty look of the snow.

I've painted a larger version which you can see in my gallery, titled "Bobolink Trail".  This piece
is painted on stretched canvas and is framed within a floater frame.

You can see I redesigned adding a small creek and dropping tree shadows in causing some tension within the design.  The blues and violets complimenting the oranges and pinks.
Bobolink Trail  16" x 20"  Oil on stretched canvas/floater frame

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