Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Flip It

What a beautiful day it was yesterday and today more of the same.  I've not been able to get out and paint since adopting Violet in early February.  Well, my daughter, Nicole, has been so great about watching Violet for me and yesterday I took advantage of that time and made it out there.

Above is a view I've been eying for quite some time only a few blocks from Nicole's.
 Block in - it's weak, later I punched up the darks.
After working on it for another 45 min. the wind was really kicking up.  I shut it down.
I brought it home and worked another hour.  Pretty happy with the results.  However, there was definitely something bugging me. I've turned it upside down and changed the photo to black and white.  Do you see it?
There are darts, going to the left then the right, same size. A great discipline is to flip a drawing or painting upside down. This helps to switch your brain off the subject and see the design.  The design serves as the bones, the structure that holds it all together.
I did not do a preliminary thumbnail before starting this painting.  If I had, this design flaw would have been avoided.

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