Thursday, February 18, 2016

Behind the Wedding Chapel

"Behind the Wedding Chapel"

9" x 12"  Oil on Oil Primed Linen Board

This spot is directly behind and across the interstate from a little wedding chapel. I actually look forward to driving by it throughout the year as the colors change every season. I love this view!

The day was so perfect.  That was until I had everything set up to go.  Just got a few marks for spacing and man the wind started gusting.  I painted quickly, about 15 min., chasing paper towels over the hillside as they blew out of my trash bag.  Brushes were flying and my turp container flipped over. I got down a start for colors.  Packed it up and headed home.

The photos below are the scene and then the first one is what I brought back to the studio.  I didn't get many shots as it's even harder for me to get decent pics inside.
Note, I started with putting the fence in but in the end edited it out.

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