Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Poof! Snow is Gone.

Poof! Snow is Gone
8" x 10"  Oil on Oil Primed Linen Panel

So yesterday's post, February Snow, was only painted 2 days before this one. This scene was just to the left of February Snow. It was pretty well covered in snow as well. Not now.

I really wanted to catch it with snow and the wonderful colors in the brush.  I did get there to at least catch the shadows on the back mountain.  Moving fast.  

Another incredible day.  Tons of people biking, hiking, motorcycles and cars.  We're so lucky in Colorado that most of our days are clear with blue skies.  Winters are mild.  Maybe a couple of weeks in zero digits but what's that compared to the whole year.  Nothing!

Photo of the scene and a couple of progress.  I forgot to take a snap of the final on the spot.  You can see I changed the lower left hand corner quite a bit when I finalized.  It was just too heavy, too much weight.  The final helps to lead your eye up into the picture.

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