Monday, June 22, 2015

Scarlet Bush

"Scarlet Bush"   9" x 12"    Oil on Oil Primed Linen
I can not remember the name of this little town. I'm not even sure if it was Utah or Colorado. Making me nuts as I've got to go back there and spend several days.
Old but cared for homes, mountains as a backdrop, beautiful fall colors in the bushes.​ I could see this bush from several blocks away. These bushes were allover in this scarlet color. Even up the side of the hills.
I worked this painting a little differently then my normal process.  Usually I'll block the big shapes with local color, then start working smaller shapes and adjusting values.  With this one I started with a value study.  Pretty much stuck with 3 values.
Then I started my normal process.  A few changes, but not much.  I'm going to play with the value study concept some more see if it helps me get to my values more quickly.

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