Monday, May 4, 2015

May Cottonwood Grove

"May Cottonwood Grove"  9" x 12"  Oil on Oil Primed Linen Panel day plein air painting, 2 scrapers. Packing up and looked behind me to see this scene.
The new spring grass growing in, deep shadows, new growth in the distant trees, beautiful colors in the sturdy cottonwood trunks. And I love the stripped bare tree almost dead center.
I did a quick bare bone sketch, took a pic and headed home. Painted in the studio. 

Photo of the painting is a little off.  Sky is slightly less green and some lavenders in the trees are coming across too grey.
Photo of scene

I edited the photo of the painting and the photo of the actual scene to black and white to check final values against each other.  Of course, overall values in a photo can never compare to live.  I think it still helps checking keeping in mind that darks can be much darker in a photo and lights can be blown out. I kept that in mind when painting.  Also, because I had painted some notes on site I had a good idea where I needed to be.
Photo of painting

Photo of scene

A few progress shots of the painting below

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